July 2, 2009

Pictures Of What What We've Been Doing Lately

This little pond is out our front door. Occasionally we'll go feed the geese that show up.

Daniel wants to take me to a major leage baseball game. This is the Twins stadium.
Minneapolis and the metrodome from a distance.
A Father's day picnic in Wisconsin on the something River ... I can't remember.
I splurged on Daniel and got him an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!
They had a parade here, I don't even know what for, but it was kinda like the Fourth of July. They had tons of marching bands, and not much else, Colten did spot something he liked and Cailin liked the "princesses" because of their crowns, but I don't have a picture of them.

A swing ride at the zoo. Brooke came with us and bought the kids tickets and went on the ride with them. I told them on our last day here we will go to the zoo and ride all the rides, buy cotton candy and play games for toys- it's like their reward for the summer.


Kiley said...

I'm so glad to see pictures of what you are doing. Your kids are getting so big and it looks like they are getting lots of sun! I wish we were there to go swimming with you. I'm nervous to take all the kids by myself. Your baby is so cute.
We're in Victor right now. I'm looking forward to the parade tomorrow in hopes of seeing someone we know. This Valley has changed so much just in the few years I've been coming here - I can't imagine how different it is for you.
I hope you guys have a fun 4th of July!

Jamie said...

Happy, happy summer! Thanks for posting pix. Are you still coming to Livingston? We can't wait!

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