March 30, 2009

Vote On My Options

Ok, so I've been thinking we have more than one option with Daniel goint to Minnesota next week. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks, and what they would do. It does add more stress to change our plans because we'd have to pack this week. Anyhow here are the options:

#1. Original Plan: Daniel goes to Minnesota with Brooke and Jeremy next week while I stay alone in Harrison (and pay rent) so Cailin can finish school on May 22nd. Then we go to Minnesota for June and July.

#2. I take the kids to my parents house and enroll Cailin in yet ANOTHER Kindergarten this school year. (Save 1200-1600 in rent.) Go to Minnesota in June and July.

#3. I take the kids to my parents house and get the rest of her school work from her teacher and finish it at home. Go to Minnesota in June and July.


Brooke said...

I think if you can get Cailins school work to do at mom and dads .. then why no tjust take it to minnesota in April? Then you won't have to be apart.. Just a thought. Call me and let me know what you decide!

Northern Nickle Clan said...

That's a tough one, Summer. I'm personally all for the "whatever keeps the family together". I hate being apart from my husband and kids. I hope you can get it all figured out. It may help you not feel "as lonely" if you are with family. But, I think the biggest suggestion I would give you is to make prayer the biggest part of your decision. Good luck!

Katie (Allen) Nickle

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