March 20, 2009

Processing 700 Calves

Each calf received: Vitamins E, A, and D. A multimin shot (vitamins), Alpha C and D for over eating disease, an ear tag, a tatoo, and they were weighed and recorded.This is the scale they sit on.

Daniel giving the tatoo.

What a job! He did have help, but it was still a 12-14 hour a day deal with only time to eat lunch and head back out. Soon they will begin branding, then AIing and then ultrasounds. Then there is the trimming and vaccinating, the show videos, etc etc to prepare for the sale in December. It never ends with a registered outfit! Keep in mind that EACH cow, yearling heifer, and yearling bull must be run through the chutes EVERY time they do these things. There are around 1100 pairs, 900 yearlings, and only 3 full time cowboys and one part time. It's exhausting just thinking about all the things that go on thoughout the year.

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