March 19, 2009

Our 7 Year Anniversary

All my pictures are on my sister's camera because I forgot mine. Hopefully I can get them soon!

I decided to do something fun for Daniel for our Anniversary this year. He has worked so hard and long for the past 7 months so I planned a weekend getaway in Rexburg. Yes, Rexburg! Brooke is there so I planned this all with her. Her and her husband Jeremy watched all three kids and even had them over night! It was so much fun. This is how it all happened: (Daniel had no idea until he read my note hanging on the door when he came home from work at 6:00 pm.)


Dear Daniel March 2009
We’ve been married for seven years now.
We’ve made it this far, sometimes I’m not sure how.
The car is packed the kids are ready to go.
Where are we going? You don’t know!
Come in and shower, we’ll leave real quick.
We’re getting away for a weekend trip.
All your responsibilities are taken care of.
So sit back and relax, I did this out of love.


So we had pizza in the car and headed south. Daniel, (and the kids), guessing the whole way, where we were going. I didn't tell the kids because I know they would have slipped and told Daniel. Daniel finally figured out we were going to Brooke and Jeremy's house when we turned off the freeway outside of Rexburg. I told him we were going to the temple in the morning, but he kept thinking we'd go to IF. We went to the new Rexburg temple and really enjoyed a session. Then we walked around BYU Idaho campus and remembered how we met, and old times. We walked up the stairs in the Manwaring Center to where they have country dances on Wednesdays. We went by our old apartments. Then we went to lunch at the Hard Hat Cafe. After that we checked into our hotel- which was, by the way a castle! At the Americinn they have Fantasy Suites. I chose the Chivalrous Knight one. I also brought the movie "A Knight's Tale" to watch. Then we went shopping and just enjoyed each other's company without any small children. Daniel bought me some new running shoes. Then we had ice cream at Artic Cirlce. (Stephanie, Jason and I used to always go there for ice cream cones.) The next morning we went and picked up the kids and took them swimming at the hotel. Later we went back to Brooke's house for lunch, where Daniel and Jeremy started talking APX. Which brings me to our next life adventure.

Daniel is going to sell APX security systems this summer! We plan on moving back to Clyde Park, near Livingston and renting a place. Then Daniel will do some work for some friends until next summer if he decides to sell APX again. It will be a change of pace and time to recover from a very demanding job. He will have more time with us, which we are all happy about. The kids and I will move out to Minnesota after Cailin finishes school in May, and stay with him for 10 weeks during the summer. They have us all in nice condos with a pool and workout center etc. It will be way different for us to go to the city. We'll be out of place! I think it will be a good thing though. Our dream is to own a ranch someday and this could help us achieve that dream.


Anonymous said...

yay! I'm so excited1 I'll get you those pictures sorry i forgot. oops

Branden Schiess Family said...

We are excited for you. The weekend away sounds very romantic and fun. We hope you have fun at the pool this summer. Remember your sun screen. Don't feel bad that we are here all alone with no grass and no where to work out!!! The only workout we will have is the work we will do in the yard. Do you feel sorry for us?? You should.

Jamie said...

WOW! First of all, what a great anniversary! I am so amazed you pulled that off, and I think it's something every couple should do annually (at least) to follow the counsel to "keep courting"!
Secondly, do I hear angels singing??? I cannot wait for you to come "home"!!!!! I will be praying everyday that things go smoothly and your plans and dreams can all come true! HOORAY!

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