March 10, 2009

Kiley Is Growing Up

Kiley is now four months and a week old. She is definetely showing signs of wanting to grow up already. She has to be sitting up all the time and has even started to dislike the bouncy chair because it isn't straight up and she can't see everything going on. She tries to sit up when I change her, she looks like she's doing crunches! Kiley loves Cailin and Colten. She also loves to talk to Daniel. (Mykids are talkers, they talk my ear off every time we get in the car, no matter how long the drive.) I thought it was too early for the walker, of course she can't move it, but really enjoys standing when she wants to. What a sweetheart, who can resist that smile! Kiley has brought so much joy into our home.
Stretch is really good with all the kids.

Grandma Orton gave Cailin a little bunny when she was a baby. The one she gave Kiley looks a little more durable! I've patched Cailin's bunny a bunch of times. Finally I let Cailin pick out some flannel material and totally recovered it. It looks almost nothing like it used to, still purple though!

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