February 15, 2009

Cailin Wants to be a Cheerleader

I actually knew this was going to happen to me. When I was in high school I really didn't like cheerleaders. Not the girl herself, some of my friends were cheerleaders, but the whole ditzy thing. Anyhow a couple years ago we took our kids to my sister Sierra's basketball game. Cailin didn't really care for the game. She was watching the cheerleaders. So when a flyer went around her little school about a "Pee Wee Pep Club" a "Cheer Clinic", she wanted to try it out. There are 6 kids in her class, only 2 girls. Her friend was going to do it and I didn't want her to be left out. It's funny, sitting here writing this I feel like I'm justifying the fact that I SUMMER have a daughter in Cheer. BUT, that's besides the fact. All I know is that she likes it, and if she does then I will support her in it. AND she IS pretty good!The saddest thing happened though. My camera has a video mode. So I thought I'd video her perfomance at the half time. When I got done I pushed the button and THEN it said "record". So I missed it! The good news is that this week they are going to perform again during a pep rally for the school. There are 100 kids in this school - K through 12. These are the two regular cheerleaders.


Holli's Blog said...

She makes a cute little cheerleader. Looks like you keep busy.

Anonymous said...

Ohh she is a cute cheer leader! Be sure to record the next one I wanna see how she does!

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