January 15, 2009

Ten Things

I was watching the BYU channel one Sunday and Victor Somebody gave a great talk on 10 Ways To Daily Improbe Any Marriage. I believe ALL couples could use a boost to their relationship. So here it is. Another thing he talked about, and that we hear over and over is that we should regularly date our spouse. We've never done that, because our kids are so young and we don't know many dependable baby sitters, especially when we keep moving!

1. Say "I Love You"
2. Kiss or hug
3. Give a compliment
4. Meditate for 3 minutes on why it's wonderful being married to my spouse.
5. Touch goodbye
6. Touch hello
7. Share a personal feeling
8. Perform an act of service
9. Keep a promise
10. Provide surprises

The other day I put a note in Daniel's lunch box. I do this often, so this time I put it in his bag of chips so he wouldn't see it right off. He said he was surprised to see an oily purple paper in his chip bag and wondered "what the heck!" (He'd packed his own lunch that day, and didn't remember packing a purple paper!) The trick is remembering to do these small simple things.

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