January 21, 2009

The Carpenter's Cup

Do you remember on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when they have to choose the correct cup to drink the water to have eternal life? That is how I feel about Kiley's binki choice. What binki do you think the cutest little girl would choose and never accept any other?
If you picked the plain old pacifier that the hospital gives you , then you are correct. Sorry I don't have a prize for the winner. Kiley is even starting to give it up already. I was a little happy about that since Cailin and Colten had a hard time giving their's up, but then I realized that I now didn't have an easy fix to console her! Last night she slept until 4am. I can handle that!


Brooke said...

Thats awesome! Love you guys!

Jenn said...

Thats the same type that Michaela loved...except hers wasn't colored...it was a yucky brown/skin color. If I remember right I think it was scented a little..vanilla maybe. I think thats why she liked it so much.

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