December 2, 2008


For Thanksgiving this year we went to Daniel's parents home in Wellsville, Utah. We stayed the night Tuesday at my parents house. They are re-doing the outside of the house and it looks really good. Too bad I forgot my camera and don't have any pictures of the fun things we did over the break. We went to Smith and Edwards in Ogden and bought some Christmas presents for the kids. I got some new jeans - by Wrangler: Q-baby and Cash. They are a lot like Wranglers but are more flattering to a body that's had 3 children! Daniel got a new 70 foot rope. I actually roped with his other one when we were in Nebraska and I have no idea how he holds onto all of it and doesn't get tangled. After that we headed to his folks'. We had a nice dinner on Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. The next morning I decided to be crazy and go shopping early with Daniel's sister Rebecca. She is a really good bargain shopper and knew where some great deals were. Her husband Chris drove us around and was really patient! Daniel had some help taking care of Kiley and it was such a nice break. We had to come home on Friday because Daniel had to move some heifers to get ready for the annual bull sale here. It was a quick trip but fun. Daniel's dad made these geese from some old barn wood he found when we were at Lonestar.

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