December 18, 2008

Got Static Electricity?

The other day Daniel walked down the hall to turn the heater up and was shocked when he touched the thermistat. He jumped and said, "Why do I keep getting shocked!" I said "Haven't you ever hear of static electricity?" Then I rubbed my feet on the floor and walked over to him and touched him on the nose. Of course he was shocked that I could shock him! So of course this ended up in a shocking shock war. Cailin and Colten started shocking each other and us- which was no shock at all.
Anyways, so static builds up more when the air is cold and dry. I imagine the 30 below weather here may have something to do with the static electricity building up in our home. You can do something about it. Mix 1 teaspoon of fabric softner with a quart of water and spray it on the carpet around your house. It's not shocking that your kids will have fun doing this little job! It really does work!

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Jenn said...

I shocked myself the other day on the stainless steel sink that finger hurt for a few hours!
Oh, I just LOVE Cailin's new hair-do!

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